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Silent Night, by Herbert Hoover Elementary School (West Branch)

The students of Herbert Hoover Elementary School in West Branch get into the Christmas spirit with a performance of the Christmas favorite Silent Night.

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Silent Night, by West Liberty Elementary School

The holiday spirit is twice as strong as the students of West Liberty Elementary School sing their rendition of Silent Night.

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Slow Motion in West Branch!

Things may not always move fast in Iowa, but they’re always epic. Watch the residents of West Branch’s moves in our slow-mo video.

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Slow Motion in West Liberty!

Not to be outdone, the good people of West Liberty get into the slow-mo act as well. Dancing, swaying, and moves that are truly unidentifiable.

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West Branch High School Fight Song

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! The choir and band of West Branch High School show their school spirit in a rousing rendition of the school’s fight song.

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West Liberty High School Fight Song

“Victory will always be our motto!” Sing along with the Comets’ choir and band as they sing the West Liberty High School fight song.

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